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DX Leader Board

List of who has worked most DXCC, and most band slots by mode. Used to determine the DXer of the year awards.
The DX Leaderboard is only open to VK amateurs

There are two classes - Foundation & All grades

The Oceania DX Amateur Radio Group Inc has as one of its main goals to encourage newcomers to amateur radio into DXing and DXpeditioning and as such we are proud to be the sponsor of the WIA Awards Foundation DX Leaderboard annual plaque.


  • The leader board is compiled in real-time for each calendar year.
  • Awards will be made for the most DXCC verified, and the most Open, CW, Phone and Digital slots Verified. (First place only will be awarded, but second and third are shown in the Leaderboard.)
  • To qualify, QSO must be verified by Paper, eQSL or LOTW.
  • All bands are included.
  • A minimum 25 DXCC are required to qualify for an award.
  • The winners will be determined at 00:00 UTC on the last day of the month preceding the AGM, for the previous calendar year.
You can hover over your total to see your rank within each mode.

Places in category are coloured First Second Third

All grades DX Leader Board for 2017 (Top 30)

VK3GAGraham Alston21443876161270
VK3JLSJohn Seamons145261800231
VK5BCBrian Cleland1444394726402
VK4CAGGraeme Dowse1384601334432
VK7CWSteven Salvia1363642335229
VK5GRGrant Willis13636941100321
VK3EWDavid McAulay1353164690229
VK9VKLClifford Tindall1243031370274
VK3LDBDavid Burden121220160218
VK5ZKGarry Herden11827268263
VK4CCColin Clark107203225190
VK6DWIan Cook1042925445265
VK3VMStephen Ireland10020500205
VK6IRStephen Chamberlain9322503222
VK4BRTBenjamin Beresford82146190141
VK2RTBruce Beresford81124380110
VK3EYRobert Puise80155613122
VK3AWGChristopher Bellmont79125178108
VK3FZRoger Stafford6512301123
VK6BMWRichard Grocott6412739124
VK4KEERobert Hollis60905778
VK3VTGreg Williams5973102444
VK3WERhett Donnan5787183348
VK3JLDavid Rolfe5710795102
VK6WXWesley Beck5582314415
VK3GQPeter Carew5510410103
VK3SXBob Robinson53686800
VK3MEGSteven Barr5173353513
VK7YUMDavid Potter51760076
VK6ASAndrew Smith47942094

Foundation DX Leader Board for 2017 (Top 10)

No qualifying QSO