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Non-VK amateurs register here. Please complete your details on the form below and press Register.

There are two options for joining the awards system, Registration and Subscription.

To Register, you must verify that you are the holder of the amateur licence you claim to hold. There are two ways to do this:
  1. Use your LOTW certificate
    • Export a single QSO from your logging program into an ADIF file. Do not export your whole log - only a single QSO is required.
    • Run the ARRL TQSL application and select "Sign a log and save it for uploading later".
    • Select your ADIF log file as input, and a file for output of the TQSL compressed data file, .tq8.
    • Email the .tq8 file to
  2. Use your paper license document
  3. Send a certified copy of your license document to WIA Awards Manager, PO Box 645, Gisborne. Vic. 3437. Australia.
Registration allows you to log in, and verify the paper cards of another amateur. No other functions are available to Registered users.

To Subscribe, you must pay $AU30 by PayPal, in addition to Registering. This allows you full use of the awards system including:- upload of log, verification of QSL, application for awards, and printing of certificates. The subscription lasts for 12 months. It can be renewed, and 12 months will be added. If the subscription lapses then you will revert to Registered status.

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